Book Launch

Now the big announcement. Our launch is booked for Sunday April 30th. Please put it in your diaries. We have a great venue with good parking facilities. Do come and help us celebrate.


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More Successes

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New Year’s Day 2017 by Juliet Lockwood

Last month’s exercise was to write a piece about A New Year’s Resolution Gone Wrong

The Oxford dictionary describes a resolution as “good intentions that one formulates mentally for virtuous conduct” – wow, I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions, and certainly don’t believe in telling them to other people, and as for the virtuous conduct… but this year I had made a secret vow to myself that the year was going to have even more exercise in it than usual.  Well, usual is to walk anything between 20 and 40 miles a week and to play tennis at least two or three times!!!  Not only that, but in view of a booked holiday next month,  where the aged body was going to be exposed to sunshine and swimming costumes, I promised myself I would go without all edible sweet stuff, chocolate, biscuits and cake etc – and that’s really virtuous from someone with a very sweet tooth! Continue reading

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Some ideas on Social Media

They’veWell we have four books that are likely to launch around Easter. How about that folks? How amazing for our little group of writers – more about that later.

We need to talk about launch ideas, so I’m going to put a few relevant ideas on here plus maybe some whacky ones too. Please email me to add more.

  1. How authors can maximise their descriptions, Jane Friedman tells us how.
  2. We’ve heard about blogtours – how do we get involved? What is a blog tour?
  3. Here’s are links to blog tours – must check them out to see how useful they are Lola’s Blog tours  Goddess Fish Promotions
  4. Don’t forget those important Facebook sites that allow you one posting on release date.
  5. Here’s another Facebook site which may be useful One stop fiction authors resources group
  6. Awesome Gang – a Chindi member reported this organisation as being awesome.
  7. Twitter adverts – well Book Tribe is free, but there are plenty which charge,which to choose? There’s the rub.
  8. Of course, the important local stuff, like the launch itself and accompanying advertising, book signings etc.
  9. Advice for book launches General advice  Further launch tips & 7 essentials for the book launch 10 Steps to a successful book launch
  10. Author Hour – Are you an author? Tweet us with hashtag plus details of your book. Wednesdays 8 – 9 pm GMT.
  11. If you are prepared to give paperbacks away do it with London Underground Fairies are hiding books to be found on the Underground, Finders tweet and post pictures of them reading the books. They’ve just gone global. Send for the stickers and plant you’re books wherever you want.
  12. Cross Promotions – where authors within a genre will cross promote each others work Bookhubonline
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Arundel by Candlelight

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And Another – The First Time I …

This offering is from Maureen Wells – we loved it for its self-depreciating humour.

The first time I bought a sofa of my own, albeit second-hand, I felt  really independent, grown up, even if I was in my twenties. I’d finally made it in life.

Until then my parents made the choices, their furniture was comfortable but meaningless to me, like the wallpaper or wardrobe in my bedroom. Things I took for granted.

Then  came sharing a flat, fun but it was already furnished and once again furniture simply served a purpose. The sofa bed provided somewhere to sit and occasionally sleep and certainly nothing to do with comfort or style.

 Next stage was a move to an unfurnished flat, a spacious maisonette on three floors. An unwise choice perhaps for a person on her own. But I excelled at unwise choices.
 Gradually spaces were filled with bits and pieces kindly donated by friends and family. Nothing matched but I didn’t care. I convinced myself it was only for the time being and soon I would select all the things I wanted… Well, that day never actually arrived, something called ‘rent’ always got in the way.
 However, one day walking past a second hand shop I spotted a sofa – a very large three-seater, with wide squashy arms. It stood facing me in the window and an urgent desire overtook me, probably because I wanted to sit down somewhere, due to ill-fitting shoes. But I knew then I had to own this sofa. I think it was £30 and the helpful man offered to deliver it free. The deal was done within minutes. I hadn’t even bothered to inspect or sit on the object about to share my life.

 I remember casually mentioning in the shop that there were stairs to my flat but failed to mention how many.

Eventually after much effort from the drivers and a wide range of language not in the dictionary, the sofa arrived in the lounge. Far too large of course for the room but this was to be my friend. Size didn’t matter. Sitting on it sadly was quite a disappointment. The   words lumpy and uncomfortable sprang to mind.

Continue reading

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The First Time I …

This month the contributions from everyone were excellent. It was difficult to choose a couple to put on the blog.

First of all we have Alan Lovell’s contribution, which we loved for its humour.

The first time I…went on a holiday with SAGA was quite a traumatic decision. Had we really reached that age where SAGA was right for us? Would it be full of decrepit old people who talked about the second world war all the time? Or is that us? No, of course not, we are still ‘young at heart’ and in attitude, who could possibly level that description at us? Continue reading

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