Changes in Arun Scribes

Some of our readers may have noticed a dearth of material appearing on this blog over the last few months. There has been a change, a mini-revolution, I would not go so far as to say a rebellion, but a take-over.

The novelists have won. That does not mean that the short story writers have been beaten into submission, rather the group has developed into a distinctive novelist group and the short story writers have not one but two other groups. However, we lucky beings retain the name of Scribes and the blog. Having said that, as keeper of the blog, I would be happy to accept submissions from the short story groups, otherwise, our blog may be somewhat lacking in original work. The offer is there, take me up on it, please.

Other news – the novelists’ group has grown and we have two new lady members and one new gentleman.  One of our group, Angela Petch has a contract from Endeavour Press to publish her books, Now and Then in Tuscany and Tuscan Roots. Angela has also been very busy and successful with her short stories. She is now a doyenne of short stories in Prima and People’s Friend. Look out for her story in the October issue of People’s Friend.

Patricia will be publishing her book of naughty limericks in time for Christmas. A definite stocking filler and there will be more about that anon.


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2 Responses to Changes in Arun Scribes

  1. Angela Petch says:

    Well said, that lady. I would love to see some poetry and short stories on here. Aren’t we lucky to have this platform? Let’s shout from it!


  2. asferthecat says:

    Hi Rosemary. Here is a poem for the blog. All the best Philippa

    I Insist

    Mother, I insist you get a cleaner,

    Your bungalow will soon be smelling musty

    How often do you hoover or sterilise the loo?

    And your ornaments are starting to get dusty

    Mother, I insist you see a doctor.

    Something should be done about your hearing.

    I must shout to make you hear above the television’s blare

    And the decibels are almost beyond bearing.

    Mother, I insist you get a bus pass.

    Your driving expertise is below par

    You grind when you change gear and meander when you steer

    It’s high time you were finished with your car.

    Mother, I insist you join a gym club

    Your muscle tone is in an unfit state .

    You will get a hunched-up back and your pelvic floor will slacken

    Till incontinence becomes your final fate.

    Mother, I insist you get a mobile,

    To call for help if ever you are stuck …

    “Help! I’m stuck with a dominating daughter!”

    “That’s not funny, Mother.”


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