Black Eyed Susans – Review

I received this book as a prize in a twitter draw. There are many things to like about this book, not least the crisp writing and the way the backstory emerges drip by drip. I’m not particularly partial to serial killer books, but there is a surprising like of gore and dwelling on violence because the author chooses to leave that in the past. We know the heroine is a survivor of a terrible crime, that she was found in a grave along with the bones and a body of previous victims. Instead, the book looks back to the time before the trial of the man accused of the crime, through the counselling of the victim and alternating present day chapters, fifteen years later. The ‘killer’ is facing execution and Tessa, the surviving victim is no longer sure of his guilt.

Like many good thrillers, the writing and the story draw you in and I read it in two or three days. I preferred the present-day chapters but wasn’t sure why. Towards the end, I began to have reservations. Although I had no idea ‘who dun it’ I was troubled by the lack of possible suspects. The writer had painted these with a restricted palette and looking to the least obvious, my doubts increased. I say no more but my star rating went down to four.

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