Another Banana Sonnet

BANANA SONNET  by Angela Petch

I watch you as you sit and peel the yellow skin

Up in the baobab tree, where you lay in wait.

You stole the banana from my picnic plate,

You and your hairy monkey friend, with a din

And a chattering, a hullaballoo of vervets

That echoed round the Serengeti – to Kuwait,

Constantinople, Timbuktu and the Bering Strait.

Oh banana mine, bought in the market of Tanga

From a mother and baby wrapped in a colourful kanga.

She carried a hand of bananas atop her head,

The baby slung on her back in peaceful slumber.

She chopped a bunch for me with a knife-sharp panga

And I placed you in my basket, a snack to store

For our safari. But alas, alack…you are no more.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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