Banana Sonnets

This month’s homework was to create an ode or sonnet to a banana. Who knew it was 600 years since bananas first appeared in Britain.As editor of this website, I made the decision that all the offerings were worthy of publication.

The first is by Maureen Wells and entitled My Ladies Choice

I looked upon such lusciousness with delight
At beauty, golden tinted as in a summers day
Nature has caused my senses to excite
My fair lady will surely wish to stay
When I present her with this new fruit banana
She’ll surely give me her hand forever more,
O No! She behaves with uncalled for drama
In a beautiful shape she finds a flaw
She refuses to place her rosy lips to taste
I plead in vain we might share such joy
But love has not the time, it acts in haste
She demands a straight banana. Is this a ploy?
For how hard I try, this I cannot acquire
So farewell my lady, a curvy banana is my desire.



About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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