They don’t get it, do they?

We feel bereaved, bereft.

All we thought we knew, gone.

Let down, by our late friends,

Families torn apart,

Our country, bankrupted,

Not only the money

Tolerance, hope, fairness.

For what? Take back Control.

We already had it!

This is not my country,

It was better than this.


We are in constant pain

Do not say, “Ha you lost,

Get over it.” Never.

There is no forgiveness.

Betrayed by treachery,

Infamy, weasel words.

Weak leadership prevailed,

Still you do not learn.

We were Europeans.

You took that from us.

No man is an Island.

Unless an Englishman.





About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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