And More Flags

Juliet has had a short story accepted by Wordhaus. The title is Sunset, and  will be published on Wordhaus on June 15th. Here is the link

Angela’s book signing at the Swallow’s Return was a sell out success. Several of us managed to make it and the cake was scrummy.



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  1. indigomember says:

    Thanks to all of those who came. It was a “big” week for me. One of the highlights was attending the workshop on ‘Editing your Novel’, led by Alison MacLeod. She was so inspirational, sharing tips with us on layering our characters, achieving the correct ratio between plot and character, making us ask questions for developing the inner space of the novel and how to deepen it at the editing stage. Above all, she urged us to stay true to what fascinates us when we write. I realised after a few minutes that we had met before. She had presented me eight years earlier with my first writing prize when I won the Ip-Art literary festival with my flash fiction piece, “Home Thoughts”.
    While I’m ‘on-line’, can I remind us all to write reviews after we have read books? It doesn’t have to be long – one-liners will do. Reviews on Goodreads and help the author. And it doesn’t take long…unlike writing a novel!


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