October 1987

Some of you may remeber the storm of 1987. We had not lived here long but the experience of living through that night has stayed with me. Our exercise for this month is to write a piece on a storm. I will not be at the next meeting but I did write a 75 word piece and submitted it to Paragraph Planet and they published it today. I can already see things I would change so it is not perfect, by any means.

This is my improved version

It hit during the night, that non-hurricane;  the wind, a terrifying banshee from hell. The roof capitulatedas it screamed underneath the tiles, lifting them as though they were confetti trickling down a bride’s gown. The chimney held on longer before it gave in and crashed as a wave to the shore,  nothing left but bricks and mortar. Beach huts transformed themselves into matchsticks; trees were mere skittles, felled in one perfect strike.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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