Pets by Phillippa Bower

Congratulations to Phillippa for achieving runner up in The WADARS Poetry Competition.The book of poetry will be published on Amazon in time for Christmas. Additional congratulations to Jane and Maureen. We look forward to seeing their entries in the anthology too.

Pets (Nonsense poem)

Alice had an aardvark with adolescent angst.
Belinda had a badger that was bandy.
Colin had a crocodile with chronic constipation
Caused by eating coconuts and candy.

David had a donkey with a doleful disposition
Eloisa had an eel with ears.
Frances had a fox cub, who fearlessly went fowling
With a farmer who had been his friend for years.

Gordon had a gopher, a gorilla and a gnu,
Henry hung his hake upon a hook
Ivan’s iguana was illegally imported
And he kept it hidden in an inglenook.

John enjoyed his jerboa, a jolly little jester.
Kevin had a kangaroo on coke.
Lucy had a lamprey who lived inside a loofa
And loved to lick the lather off the soap.

Mary had a manatee with many massive molars.
Natalie was nuts about her newt.
Olly had an octopus that was so oleaginous
That only Olly thought of him as cute.

Polly had a parrot who talked in Polynesian.
Quentin had a quadropedal quail.
Roger’s robber-rabbit had no respect for property
And raided all the radishes and kale.

Sarah’s sockeye salmon spawned inside her sauna.
Terry ‘s tortoise tried to emigrate.
Ursula was under the unfortunate delusion
That her umbrella was, in fact, an ungulate.

Vanessa had a viper with virulent veruccas.
William fed a wagtail on a wall.
Yasamin and Zebedee possessed a yak and zebra
But Xerxes never had a pet at all.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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  1. orangeyforheroes says:

    Congratulations to Maureen and Jane, too, who had poems in the anthology.

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