Selling Your Books

Elaine Hankin of Worthing Sea Scribes has passed on this useful information to us.

Our Worthing Anthology is self-published. Because of its Worthing connection, gift shops around the town have taken copies on a SoR basis. We have yet to see how many will sell, but it’s a step in the right direction. With regard to our other books, it is extremely difficult to get high street bookshops to take copies. Because my latest novel Swans Sing Before They Die is set mainly in Islington I was able to get a book signing in the Islington branch of Waterstones (which is on the old Collins Music Hall site –¬†mentioned in my book). They subsequently ordered copies in. For the Worthing Waterstones book signing on 10th October, I will have to supply my own books. I have done this before and they reimburse me for those sold with replacement copies.
On the whole, book sellers are very suspicious of self-published books unless the author has a sales record. However, I have known traditionally published authors who have later taken the self-publishing route so that they can be in control of their work.


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