Christmas Shopping, 2014 by Marion Porreca

Busy, busy, busy …
It’s Christmas Day next week,
Went yesterday to Asda’s
And rode their buggy sleek.
Zoomed up and down the whole day long,
Exploring all the aisles,
Returned home hours later,
Laden with gifts all wrapped in piles.

Today we went to Bognor
And Shopmobility
To hire another buggy
(Which had to be back by three).
Raced up and down
Around the town,
So many shops to see,
So we were shop, shop, shop, shop, shopping
Until it was nearly three.
Then dashing along
Through crowd and throng
Must get back you see,
Before it’s closed
And we’ll be banned
From Shopmobility.

But still we had some money left
And many socks to fill,
So then we nipped to Tesco’s …
More buggy riding skill !

Now let me see,
Do tell me dear?
What presents more,
What gifts galore,
What things would each one like?
My sons, their wives,
My daughter too
And mustn’t forget
Her boyfriend,who
Has family far away,
So he needs a happy day!
Our three grand- girls are on my list
And our darling the new baby one,
The little grand- boy,
Here for us to enjoy
My first and only grandson.
And I have him on my list,
His gift must not be missed.

BUT – whatever can we give them all?
What surprises can we find?
What’s new?
What’s smart?
What looks the part?
What fancies flight
Might grip the mind?
To fill the empty stockings’ feet,
Make under-tree packages all replete,
Before the chimes of Christmas night?
Sweet music dwells
Resounds and swells
And fills the air with merry cheer,
So quickly, tell me, daughter dear,
What can we give them all?

Warm clothes to melt the wintry cold,
To thaw these difficult times?
Some food and drink
Would give good cheer,
Bring mirth and joy
And happiness near
(And help this verse to rhyme)!!

Buy clothes for her?
Get books for him?
Or tools or kitchen stuff?
I must decide, quite soon at that
This shopping trip’s quite long enough!
I’m getting stiff
My joints all ache
Can’t take another ride!
So help me choose,
Make up my mind and finally decide!!
We also need some munchies,
Chocolates, biscuits, cakes,
Puddings and pies-es,
And fillings surprises
Apples and tangerines,
Nuts and crisps and salty bits
Bananas and nectarines.

SO – Let’s stop
shop, shop, shop, shopping ….
Drive home again for tea,
Surely we’ve bought enough now,
To satisfy you and me?!!?


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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