Get Your Work Out There

We’re all writing away like crazy and producing some good stuff, so what’s next? Don’t leave it languishing in a drawer or on a hard drive, get it out there! Here are some places where you can submit writing. I’ve included the URL so you can check what they want and how they want it submitted.

All of the following sites accept material free of charge. If you are interested in writing competitions (some free and some paid-for) check out

Alfie Dog Fiction

This is a short story download site. You can submit free and if they accept your story they will sell it for you, but you won’t make a lot of money. Stories must be a minimum of 500 words (they are strict about this: they rejected one of mine at 497 words) and their response is usually quite quick. They don’t mind if stuff has already been published elsewhere.

Everyday Fiction

They publish stories to your computer, phone or tablet and you get one every day. From what I have read the stories tend to be quite dark. They are looking for short stories of 1,000 words or fewer. You can submit up to three stories at a time (but one at a time via the submission form) and they say you will have a decision within 90 days. Heads-up: I found them impossible to log into with Internet Explorer but got in OK with Google Chrome.

Short Story Sunday

You can submit short stories (max 3,500 words) or flash fiction (500 – 1,000 words) for adults or children. You can send them up to three stories at a time and they will let you know within 90 days.

They were launched in November 2014, and they don’t pay for articles but plan to set in place a reader voting system with cash/gift prizes awarded to the author who writes the ‘Story of the Month’


This is another site that publishes stories electronically. Their catergories are romance, scifi/fantasy and thriller/horror. Send them stories of under 2,500 words.


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