Sending Novels to an Agent

Phillippa Bower writes

To How Many Agents Should You Send Your Work?

In the old days of type-written manuscripts, it was physically impossible to send your precious manuscript to more than one agent at a time. Now, in the free and easy days of e-mails one can send to as many as one likes. So how many should that be? I have seen the number five suggested.

I have decided to save time and send to fifty. I got the names, contact details and requirements from the website Writers Digest and did a mass send off three weekends ago. On the plus side they are all relatively new agents so should have gaps in their lists, on the minus side they are all American.

Most of them want to be told if you are applying to more than one agent – fair enough. Some want you to apply only to them, so I have left them out.

Was I successful? The rejections are still coming in. Most of them are really nice – not to give up hope etc. I will know after 90 days that I have been rejected by the ones who don’t bother to reply. Self-publishing looms upon the horizon but I might try another fifty agents before going down that lonely route.

One thing I have discovered is that your biography is important. If you can boast about your writing achievements you might catch an agents eye. Alas, I skimped on my biography  – partly through modesty but mainly because I have no writing achievements. Next time I will try and big myself up.

Keep watching this space to see my progress. The Ka of Osiris Trilogy may yet hit the bookshelves.


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