You Write On

Is it worth going on to the You Write On website? The You Write On website is subsidised by the Arts Council. It dangles the carrot that if your book gets into the top ten listing you will be reviewed by a publisher.

To get into the top ten you have to review at least eight books. You get eight reviews in return. You then soldier on and for every subsequent five reviews you can knock off the worst rating so you gradually creep up the list.

On the plus side I got some excellent and very helpful reviews. Most of the book extracts I read were very good so the site attracts good writers – a depressingly large number of them. I managed to get to number 17 before deciding that it was too much effort.

To sum up – if you want useful reviews from writers who know what they are talking about then its a good site. If you want a route into being published you are probably better off just sending your book to a zillion agents.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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